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Friday, July 18, 2014

Quilt Scraps into Squares

Do you have an odd assortment of quilt fabrics in your stash, that are smaller than a fat 
quarter and/or pieces with irregular shapes; and can't decide what to do with them?

Might be time for you to consider starting a "squares collection" in a variety of sizes.
There are many beautiful projects that can be made from these prepared squares.


How Did I Begin..

The book that got me started and taught me how to also organize my "squares" is titled: "Cut the Scraps!" by Joan Ford. Visit the links included below, to see more on this book.

I first went through my fabric stash in October 2011; and took out all fat quarters and smaller sized pieces to cut up into squares. While I waited for my book to arrive in the mail, I began cutting squares in a variety of sizes, and later narrowed it down for projects in the book.


And then, I did it again in May 2014. To make the process go faster, I also cut strips and larger pieces for quilt backings and practice squares for learning how to do free-motion quilting.

I wanted to use my new 12.5" square ruler; and thus, made some that size; and cut some 7" x 9" for my own mouse pad pattern designs. One day I still wish to try making a scrappy binding; and thus cut some 2.5" strips, for later use. (More on turning scraps into strips, next week.)

Organizing the Squares

After cutting the selected pieces, I combined them with the ones that still remained from 2011. To organize them, I stacked each size into color families. Then, placed them neatly into plastic storage containers ready for that next, NEW project. 

My GOAL here is to reduce my stash fabrics with this method. 

This allows more opportunity for older fabrics to still be part of those new quilt designs; rather than becoming outdated and left unused.  How do you deal with your fabric scraps?


Featured Book: 
Cut the Scraps! 
by Joan Ford

Still new to this process; or just wish to find out more on how to cut up your scrap fabrics into useful sizes?

The book: "Cut the Scraps!" by Joan Ford is exactly what you may be looking for! You will learn how to cut your fabrics into three useful sizes; and a great way to keep them organized. 

BOOK: Cut the Scraps! by Joan Ford

I chose one project from this book, to try out; once I had cut up my selected fabrics. To see more on this book and the project: "Empty Spools" please visit the following links, to read more.

          BOOK REVIEW POST:  Scraps Turn Into Quilts (part 1)
          PROJECT FROM BOOK:  Empty Spools (part 2); Colourful Spools (part 3);

*** *** *** ***

Need to free up space in your fabric stash? Perhaps, now is the perfect time to start your own "squares collection".

Happy cutting...

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