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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Playful Tulips Project

It's here!

Going on another quest… to use up more of my stash fabrics, I discovered how much fun it was to make stunning strip-pieced applique. 

Being passionate about machine fused applique, I wanted to incorporate this idea into my own designs. So here is my first design: PLAYFUL TULIPS to showcase some bright and colorful pieced-fabric appliques. It’s such a great way to bring renewed interest in your own stash fabrics.

Flowers bring us so much cheer; and who doesn't love the TULIP for it brings to us the promise that spring will soon be here again! Peeking out from under the snow, it truly is a delightful sight!

So whether spring is soon to appear in your part of the world, or it still feels like a distant memory; this may be the perfect project to make to brighten your home, or to make as a gift, to bring cheer to someone you love.

I generally use darker colors for background fabrics; however, this one may be the exception because I wanted to contrast this changeover in seasons, with how it looks in real life. Here the snow is represented in white; and the colorful bulbs that burst forth with enthusiasm; are showcased in bright colors using the pieced-fabric technique.
Why not try this delightful table runner to celebrate the promise of spring, or to brighten up your living space at any time of year?

PLAYFUL TULIPS -- 15" x 45"


This pattern is now available at my Craftsy store. Wish to check it out then click HERE.

Spread joy with flowers!

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