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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Extreme Scappy Pillow

Ever heard of CRUMB QUILTS?  These quilts use those smaller fabric scraps and take a very long time to complete. I even added some plain fabric blocks, because I needed a few more scrappy blocks, but could just not get myself to make any more. To see how I made this one; and where I found the idea about this project, you can check it out here.


After I made my first scrappy quilt (top); as shown above, I never considered making another project using tiny scraps. But, here it is.....


Having sorted through my smaller fabric pieces; and cut them into a variety of usable sizes. I then had a really nice supply of squares and strings; however, I still had the dilemma of what to do with those oddly shaped pieces that didn't fit those requirements.

That was when I figured, I should make an extremely scrappy pillow. I found a suitable size (approx. 13" x 18") in my fabric stash to use for the backing fabric; and hoped to cover it with those very oddly shaped scraps.

Making it more challenging, this piece was a rectangular shape; however, it was the size we wanted for the pillow. Even though, its size was not as formidable as a quilt; I still wanted to quit several times.

After stitching enough pieces together, I finally got the surface covered. Originally, I had planned to make another layer for the bottom of the pillow, as well; as I still had plenty of scrappy pieces left. But, changed my mind, as that was already very tedious.

It was around that time, that my machine figured it didn't want to sew anymore; and took a turn for the worst. Now, I don't remember at what stage this occurred; however, the needle jammed hard into the machine and it was a real struggle to get it out. And it was not making happy sounds, either. So, I decided to hurry the process and finish the back side of the pillow with a piece of fabric.

To hold the stuffing, I also made a pillowcase-type liner. The final step, was to hand-stitch the opening closed.

The reason I call it my "Extreme Scrappy Pillow" is because the stuffing consists of fabric scraps that are cut up pretty small. And the liner kept all those teeny-tiny pieces from falling out during the making of this project.

It turned out like this:



PS:  If one wants to sew and doesn't have a project on the go; why not fill in those times piecing together scraps; and when you have enough for a project, it should go together quite quickly.

Thrifty and creative methods can win the day!

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