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Monday, September 1, 2014

Is There Coffee?

The second FREE project in this PIECED-STRING SERIES, is now available at my website. I am not providing a tutorial, as you can follow the instructions in the PDF pattern. Or if you wish, check out the BLUE MOON tutorial from last month, to see how easy these mini projects really are to make.

  • Provide quick gifts for someone special.
  • Are easy to make and completed in only a few hours.
  • Use up fabric scraps and so are not costly to make.
  • And when free, provide no excuse; so go sew one today!

How it began... 
I enjoy finding interesting objects and turning them into appliques. So, when I was looking through my leftover applique pieces, for this project; I found several ready-prepared cups. After making my TEA PARTY quilt; I had thought to one day use those extra cups in another project.

Suspended Coffee

Therefore, with coffee on my mind, I thought for more inspiration, why not do an online search. It was there that I discovered the term: 'suspended coffees'. And that was a perfect backdrop for this project. So this quilt is entitled: Is There Coffee?

Then, I added the letters: 'S-H-A-R-E' to represent what we could do with only a small bit of kindness; and it would give more meaning to my two simple cups.

This mini project is to pay tribute to the many individuals that share their kindness towards others, enabling the world to be a better place for those that need it, when it really matters.

So... if you like this mini quilt project and want to share it, please share this post, so others can learn about 'suspended coffees', as well. And, also receive the link to this cute, mini project.

Spread kindness, everyday...

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