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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Signs of Autumn Project

Each season has its own personality and palette of color.... We all have our favorites; and sometimes, it's hard to choose which is best. 

A U T M N . . .

To compare the colors: yes, winter is mostly white, summer is mostly green, and spring is just waking up from a long slumber; but it's autumn that has the beautiful transition of the leaves from green to shades of golds, yellows, reds, oranges, purples, and browns.

Autumn is my favorite because the days are more like summer and the nights more like spring. And one does not have to toil at making color appear; simply sit back, and enjoy the universe's paintbrush do its work.

Of course, the only down side is.... this colorful season passes by so quickly before the next season is here to erase all that color. But then, again.... there's more time for indoor activities: like quilting, where we can imagine and play with fabrics of all shades and hues to add color and warmth where it is needed.


Continuing with my quest… to use more of my stash fabrics, I attempt new ways to create interesting strip-pieced applique. Being passionate about machine fused applique, I continue to incorporate this idea into my own designs. So here is my fourth design: SIGNS OF AUTUMN to show you how easy it can be to find suitable fabrics, in your stash.

Pattern available at my Craftsy store;
or you can click on the "I'm a Craftsy Designer" button on the sidebar. 

Make this lovely autumn wall hanging to remind you of those beautiful hues of yellows, oranges, reds, and purples that signal the signs of autumn; as the trees usher in a new season.

If the weather is good; a walk can bring a sense of peace as one enjoys the rustle of crunching leaves underfoot. I never tire of those beautiful hues that nature offers; however, the season soon fades and no leaves remain for quite some time.

SO... why not make a quilt that will not shed its colors wherever you wish to hang it!  And enjoy those beautiful colors of this truly remarkable season…as long as you like!


SIGNS OF AUTUMN QUILT   (24-1/2”w x 23-1/2”h)

Take a walk and enjoy this season.... and then get ready to quilt!


  1. Where can we purchase this pattern?

    1. Thanks Cindi, for asking. I'll go add a link to this post. Also you can click on the "I'm a Craftsy Designer" button on the sidebar. Thanks for commenting.