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Friday, November 14, 2014

Go Kite Go Project

Go fly a kite....
up to the highest height....
 and if you can't;
then let's make a kite quilt!!

This is my fifth, and final project for this year, in using strings. Actually, you can use narrow strips to make the kite appliques; however, I have chosen to use selvages, instead.

And, why not use those selvage edges without the printed edges, as well. If you are using strings, then you can use dark colors where I've used non-printed selvages; and light colors where I have used printed selvages.


For a different background; I've used the rail fence block in an extra large size; added a single border that is embellished with prairie points, and finished them with echo stitching.

Make this fun project using selvages and prairie points to brighten up your life!! Let your imagination take hold to reminisce about those warm summer evening that were perfect for flying kites. Oh, don't we miss those days, already; even if winter has just begun!

KITES: (With non-printed and printed selvages)


This quilt pattern is now available as a downloadable PDF pattern on my Craftsy store. Click on the button on the side bar to check out all of my patterns.

Bringing those special memories to mind, one quilt at a time! GO FLY A KITE!!

If you wish to see my simplified method to adding selvage strips to a fusible base, you can check out this post, available here.


  1. This is an adorable pattern Darlee! Inspired by the Selvage Along hosted by Quilty Habit & Quilts of a Feather, I have all my selvedge strips out right now.

  2. Thank you Heidi. I love working with selvages. Enjoy your journey!!