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Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Year's Resolutions

Time once again to reflect back on 2014! 
Or.. since it's been over three weeks now; and I haven't had much time to reflect; I am going to just forget about all that didn't get done; and start anew.

UFO Projects:
There are a few projects that got underway; however, didn't see the end before the old year passed. I am hopeful, that I'll get back to them and get them done.

1)  'Go Kite Go' quilt/pattern -- templates need to be drawn up before the pattern is ready.
2)  81-Block quilt blocks -- to replace the current fabric on my kitchen chairs.
3)  Quilt-as-You-Go project -- a large quilt using the quilt-as-you-go technique.

However, since it's a New Year; I'd like to ponder on what it is that would inspire me; and make those fabrics more than just pretty colors on my shelf.

New Bucket List for 2015:

Therefore, this list shows some of the items I'd like to add to this bucket.


I love machine applique; and have discovered some techniques that I hadn't known about; or haven't had the opportunity to make because of materials not being available; and so am creating my 2015 wish list.

To begin, I am adding two techniques to my bucket, from: (1) Melinda Bula; and (2) Rose Hughes designs. I did briefly check out these techniques; and will have to figure out which design I will select. There are so many lovely patterns and it will not be an easy decision. But it will be really fun to plan these out and add to my quilting repertoire.


New Pieced String Mini Quilts
I also wish to add new mini projects under my 'Pieced Strings Series'. Perhaps, I'll have time to add a new post each month with a new variation in color, style; and new applique designs.


2015 Applique Mystery Small Wall-hanging Quilt
This one is planned in my head; the design has been chosen, along with a few color variations. Due to family obligations, I have not been able to create my samples, however, it may still be a plan as I go project. Once I am ready, I will email those people that have requested to join in this project.


I have so many projects waiting on CRAFTSY that I'd love to revisit and make each one. These will definitely keep my busy.

So whatever it is that inspires you, I wish the best for your year; and hopefully, we'll be able to connect on social media, or through one of the many avenues that quilting takes us.


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