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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Flower Show Block

Here comes the final block in this block of the month series....

This time of year, signals the onset of summer activities; and finally the kids are finished their school year. So what are you going to do with all that time? 

If you're a quilter, there is an endless supply of quilting projects to find online these days; and deciding where to focus your creative energy can be overwhelming. However, if time is of short supply for sewing, why not try this mini block for JULY to signify those special times spent out in the garden!

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If your sewing/quilting time is limited, you can still download this block pattern FREE* during the month of July and save it for making on a rainy day. 

And for more FREE creative blocks, there are:  

However, the free offer on these three blocks will soon be disappearing sometime in July. Please visit soon.... to find them; and the rest of the block series.

Please do not make copies of these block designs to give to your friends; instead share this page or ask them to go to the website to download their own patterns. :)

For any more instruction to prepare the block, please visit my Craftsy page for the PDF pattern (available usually within a few days of this posting). 

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I have chosen my blue-purple block to embellish for my sixth (and final) quilt block in this series. This color theme fit well with my chosen theme. 

The stitch that holds the front and batting was done with a leaf design. Now it fits well with the flower appliques that have been used for this month's block.


THE BLOCK - Creative Flowers

Many quilters love using flowers in their quilts; and thus, I have ended up selecting a flower theme for this block. To come up with this design, I looked through my applique scraps for inspiration. I tend to accumulate leftover appliques when designing quilts; and figured it was time to see if any would be useful for this block.

To come up with a name for this block, I thought about how much fun participants have when entering items into a fall fair in their local area for display, and winning ribbons. So if you have any leftovers that would work for this block, add your own creativity to make your own unique block.

So go ahead.... and put together a winning entry for this month's block. Use the pattern as is; or embellish it to suit your own creative style!



This block may be added to the others and joined into a larger quilt once all my blocks are completed. Or finished as a mini quilt all on its own!

I will select some blocks to show how to join them; and this will be available sometime this summer. It will also be included in the pattern that will contain all of my blocks in this series.

Enjoy this project... and find the pattern soon at my Craftsy store page, where all applique templates will be included. FLOWER SHOW will be available to download for free for the month of July 2015

Although this means that the previous month's block: Sail Away will no longer be available for free. All templates will be available together in one pattern, once the series has run its course. Each new block will replace the previous one until all blocks have been posted. 

Happy piecing...


  1. Your patterns are really cute! I have enjoyed a visit to your blog, led here by your comment on my blog post. Thank you so much for visiting:)
    btw, although I was able to find you through Google+, you are a no-reply blogger.

  2. Thank you for stopping in. And notifying me about the issue of no-reply blogger. I did not know. I hope I've rectified this now.