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Friday, June 27, 2014

String Quilts

Finding a time; a few years back, when I needed a well-deserved change from machine applique, I discovered string quilts...

As the scrap basket continues to fill up, what does one do with those pieces? Trashing them all doesn't really make much sense, so this helped fill two goals at once.

Creative Goals
  1. Time to build on new techniques with beautiful results; using up some of those scrap pieces and older fabrics in the stash.
  2. As it was, I really didn't need more fabric… just a way to be able to use the great colors that I already had in my supply; making the string quilt technique a perfect choice.

Even though, machine applique is and probably will continue to draw my strongest attention, it is still fun to explore new techniques. Here are two string designs that brought out that scrappy adventurous side… that so many quilters enjoy.

More on this project here.
Free pattern here.


More on this project here.
Free pattern here.


I found these free projects and much more at You must check out Bonnie's website for a truly amazing journey into quilting with her lovely array of scrappy techniques. 

Have a scrappy good time....

Friday, June 20, 2014

What's in a String?

In quilting, a scrap piece of fabric that is less than 1.5” in width is referred to as a string; and generally ends up in the trash. 

However, if these colorful leftovers are sewn together with an imaginative mind; they can really add to the creation of more quilts. Many beautiful projects are a result of this creative process!

Quilters are very fascinating people, and somewhat mysterious, too.  Why you say? Because why would anyone purchase perfectly good fabrics and then take them home to cut up into small pieces!  And, then sew them back together, again…

However you may look at this strange phenomenon; from this development came the many varied techniques that make up the quilting world today. A truly great one, at that!

And for anyone that didn't know… quilters are also very environmentally conscious. In days gone by, all manner of fabrics were re-purposed into new items to wear and quilts to keep warm to stretch the meager resources, when necessity dictated this requirement. Today, fabrics are expensive; and why toss out new materials when they are too small for that next project. They may still have another usage and be spared ending up in the trash. Couldn't they?

This blog is all about those lowly scraps…. 

Thanks for stopping by, and checking out this new blog. Hope to see you soon; and I welcome your comments and input.

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