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Friday, July 11, 2014

Pieced Fabric Applique

The desire to use up my own scraps, was the main reason I began searching for other methods; and there are many beautiful books on the market to achieve that goal. Since machine applique is my fave technique, I also wanted to use my scraps in new applique projects when either making quilts or designing my own patterns.

  1. Ready to create that next applique project you've just purchased, but don't have the best colors in your scrap basket?
  2. Love applique; but don't wish to cut up those fabulous new fabrics in your stash to find that perfect color? 
  3. Are you tired of seeing your stash fabrics eaten up when making those special applique projects? 
  4. When it comes time to cut longer strips for borders and such, the perfect piece isn't quite long enough because you've been using it for your applique designs? 
  5. Wondering how you can solve this dilemma? Then read on...

    So, why not make your own fabric pieces for your 
    appliques? ...The results may simply amaze you!


Have you ever considered making your own pieced fabric for your applique designs? It is really quite simple. If you have been using strips and odd-shaped scraps when making scrappy quilts, you've already sewn together smaller pieces of fabric. The next step.... is to use some of those pieced sections for your appliques.

I first tried this on the flowers when making the "Garden's Edge" quilt using only selvages. And I got amazing comments for this creative method.  I'd like to say that I was the one to invent this technique; however, it had already been done using fabric strips.  [See my post on selvage quilts... here.]

So, why not try this alternate method.... the next time you can't find that perfect color; and make those applique designs unique on that next project.

Featured Book:
String Quilts
by Elsie M. Campbell

Still new to this technique; or just wish to find out more on how to make string quilts?

The book: "String Quilts" by Elsie M. Campbell is very informative and laid out well to guide you along in this process.

The section entitled: "Elsie's Top Tips for Successful String Quilts" is especially informative and will teach you everything you need to know about this innovative technique. The book provides 10 fun patterns and a gallery of projects inspired by other quilters when using strings, squares, diamonds, and triangle shapes.

Patterns in this Book:
Purple Pride, Purple Posies*; Unique Batik, Pots of Flowers*; Dad's Plaids, Plaid Poppies*; Picket Fence; Diamond in the Rough; Autumn Stars; Square Dance.   [*Appliqued Projects]

It was the project "Plaid Poppies" featured on page 47, and also shown on the book's cover; that has always intrigued me. But I didn't know why, exactly. Yes, I love poppies, but why else?

I've had the book for some time now; but it wasn't until I began thinking again about string quilts, and also planning this blog that I looked (read all the information pages) and had that "ah ha" moment. It was then, that I seen it for the first time.... that the flowers are constructed from pieced fabric. Aren't they amazing?

Check it out for yourself....

Book: String Quilts by Elsie M. Campbell

Currently, I am designing and working on several quilt projects that feature this "pieced fabric" technique; and should be available to purchase, hopefully later this year. However, if you wish to try this method now, check out the featured book, shown above.

Amaze yourself and create something unique...

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